Excessive Pressure Blows Off Bypass at Target in Tampa, FL


On the morning of May 2nd, 2022, Lift Station Services was called out to the Target location on West Waters Ave in Tampa, Florida. Upon arriving on the scene, Lift Station Service technicians Lance and Lou noted the bypass valve in the dry well had blown off completely while the bypass pump was pumping. This was the second time the bypass had blown off at this location and the third time Lift Station Services had been to this location in as many weeks.

Let’s quickly recap the previous visits to this Target location. The first visit was due to the failure of both system pumps. No permanent solution could be found at that time, so LSS Techs Lance and Lou installed a bypass pump to keep the system running for the time being. Lift Station Services was called out for the second visit to deal with the initial explosion of the bypass valve. LSS Techs Ricky and Joey repaired the plumbing, but within a week, the repair would fail.

Fast forward back to May 2nd and LSS Techs Lance and Lou were back on the scene repairing the bypass valve again. With any luck, the permanent replacement pumps for Target will be ready within a day or two and this bypass will no longer be needed.

Great Job crew! Everyone at Target appreciates all your hard work

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written by D Guano