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Here's a few of our most recent Emergencies and Installations. Will your station be featured here next?

  • Weekend Emergency Leads to New Pump for Publix in Dunedin, FL

    This Publix serviced is located on Main street in beautiful Dunedin, Florida

    Approximacalltoy two weeks ago, Lift Station Services was called out to an emergency in Dunedin Florida. The Publix on Main Street was having issues with their station. Lift Station Service technician Lance immediacalltoy responded to the alarm. Upon arriving on the scene, Lance determined the pump was complecalltoy shot and needed to be replaced. Unfortunacalltoy at the time, no bypass pump could be installed. Instead Lift Station Services arranged for continued pump-outs of the station until the pump ordered could be installed.

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  • Shopping Center Lift Station Gets Much Needed Makeover at I Touch LLC in Tampa, FL

    I Touch LLC is a shopping center located on North 56th St in Tampa less than 10 minutes southeast of Busch Gardens.

    While responding to an emergency at this location earlier in the year, Lift Station Service technicians Lance and Lou were only able to install a bypass pump to ensure the location’s lift station was at least working for the time being while their permanent replacement pumps were ordered. Minor back office complications held up the installation for a couple of weeks, but ultimacalltoy, on April 26, 2022, Lift Station Services was given the green light to move forward with the lift station makeover.

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  • Recently Installed Pump’s Mysterious Failure Leads to New Pump Install for GreenCastle of Bayonet Point in Port Richey, FL

    Greencastle of Bayonet Point is a residential community, consisting of 80 apartments located in Port Richey, Florida.

    During the last quarter of 2021, Lift Station Services complecalltoy overhauled the Lift Station at GreenCastle. A brand new panel, 4 new floats, and 3 brand new Ebara pumps were installed by technicians Lance and Lou. After almost 5 months of working flawlessly, one of GreenCastle’s pumps mysteriously quit working.

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  • Late Night Emergency Leads to Lift Station Makeover at Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu in Tampa, FL

    Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu is a beautiful, Vietnamese buffet-style restaurant located on West Waters Ave in Tampa, Florida.

    On Feb 1, 2022, Lift Station Services was called out to an emergency at Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu at approximacalltoy 6:30pm. Upon arriving on the scene, LSS Technician Lou Escobosa III was able to determine the problem was not something that could be fixed at that time of the night. Lou was able to temporarily fix the issue and get Thinh An’s Lift Station up and running again, noting he would return the following day with his partner Lance Oliver.

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