Late Night Emergency Leads to Lift Station Makeover at Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu in Tampa, FL

Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu is a beautiful, Vietnamese buffet-style restaurant located on West Waters Ave in Tampa, Florida.

On Feb 1, 2022, Lift Station Services was called out to an emergency at Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu at approximately 6:30pm. Upon arriving on the scene, LSS Technician Lou Escobosa III was able to determine the problem was not something that could be fixed at that time of the night. Lou was able to temporarily fix the issue and get Thinh An’s Lift Station up and running again, noting he would return the following day with his partner Lance Oliver. 

The following day when Lift Station Service Technicians Lance and Lou arrived, they were able to determine that one of Thinh An’s pumps was completely dead and the other, although technically it was still running, it – along with the electrical panel – was on its last legs and everything needed to be replaced. That day, Lou and Lance replaced one pump with a brand new pump. Within a week, Thinh An had its second new pump installed and their system was already running better than ever.

On April 18th, Lift Station Service Technicians Lance and Lou came out for the final installation visit at which time a brand new panel was installed along with 4 brand new floats completing the complete overhaul of Thinh An’s Lift Station. 

With their beautiful new station now running better than it has since its initial installation, Thinh An is now part of LIft Station Service’s amazing Preventative Maintenance Program and Lift Station Services will be continuing to maintain and service their station for the foreseeable future.

Great Job Lance & Lou! Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu, their employees and their customers all thank you for your outstanding and continued service.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an alarm or having issues with their Lift Station, or if you would like to discuss any other services we offer, please call us today for an immediate consultation at 727.485.7707 and we will send a team of our amazing technicians out to assist you. We are available 24/7 nights and weekends to help our clients whenever and wherever we are needed.

written by D Guano

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