Shopping Center Lift Station Gets Much Needed Makeover at I Touch LLC in Tampa, FL

I Touch LLC is a shopping center located on North 56th St in Tampa less than 10 minutes southeast of Busch Gardens.

While responding to an emergency at this location earlier in the year, Lift Station Service technicians Lance and Lou were only able to install a bypass pump to ensure the location’s lift station was at least working for the time being while their permanent replacement pumps were ordered. Minor back office complications held up the installation for a couple of weeks, but ultimately, on April 26, 2022, Lift Station Services was given the green light to move forward with the lift station makeover.

This, however, was no ordinary Lift Station makeover. This project involved not only replacing 2 pumps, a Duplex DEP Panel, and 4 float switches; this project also involved installing a brand new 3’ x 4’ diamond plate lid for the wet well. As such, Lift Station Services sent both its teams of highly qualified technicians out to tackle this project together and they gave this station the lift it desperately needed. New pumps. New Duplex DEPElectrical Control Panel. New floats. New plumbing. New Lid. This station got the full treatment and now, couldn’t be running any smoother. After signing up for our amazing PM program, I Touch LLC and its tenants can expect to have a fully.functioning Lift Station that runs with little to no issues from here on out

Great Job Lance, Lou, Ricky & Joey! I Touch LLC, their employees, their commercial tenants and all their customers thank you for your outstanding and continued service.

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written by D Guano

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